Business Growth: The Capability to Adapt

Business Growth: The Capability to Adapt
By Nigel Slinn, Commercial Director, Sackers

Since 2016, Sackers has seen a growth of 77 percent in its international trade; an average of 21 percent year on year. We attribute this to staying ahead of the game by ensuring we possess the capabilities to meet the needs of the changing markets before legislation is implemented.

We are not your obvious scrap yard. We are experts in processing scrap metal and sorting it into purer groups within ferrous and non-ferrous categories. The goods are sold for recycling to other manufacturers and we ship around the world.

A small amount goes to Spain and Belgium, but our international sales come mainly from outside the EU: India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. We ship an average of 230 containers annually, so it makes up a huge part of our business.

With Sackers sited adjacent to the A14 at Claydon, our easy access to Felixstowe makes it an ideal exporting business. We have also set up our own shipping department to enable cargo control. This has made us more flexible and responsive and allowed us to offer better prices to customers.

We invest a lot of time and money in understanding what the market wants. If we can’t meet the demand, we invest in technology, time and people to ensure we can. For example, we invested £3 million in 2008 in one of the only metal shredders of its size in the region that can process large items of metal like aircraft and cars.

This makes us different to other metal buyers regionally as we can sell to the end-user, the majority who are international. Cutting out the third party means we offer the best prices for scrap metal in comparison to our competitors.

Last year, we also spent £1 million on a Cable Granulator, to accommodate the zero-waste policy in China, so now metal such as copper is exported in its purest form.

Sackers Joint MD, David Dodds commented: “We’ve been exporting for about 20 years and initially it was small-scale, but it became a priority for us when the UK steelworks shut down and our markets moved abroad. So, we started exporting on a bigger scale and it quickly gained momentum. As the international markets change, we adapt; China being the obvious example with its zero-waste policy. We identified that early on, so invested to give us a competitive edge.”

Joint MD Adrian Dodds added: “Equipment is the key to our success. We have made some big purchases and we’re always reviewing new machinery and technology that will recover and sort as much material as possible. It usually involves a lot of travelling, but it’s worth it because in this market we can’t standstill and we have to invest, not only to have that competitive edge to grow, but to adapt to legislation and requirements. Even with our commercial waste, the equipment we have purchased now means we recycle 92 percent, diverting it away from landfill”.

Sackers offers skip hire, scrap metal buying, hazardous and commercial waste disposal which includes confidential waste. To find out more contact: T: 01473 830373 E: or visit Twitter: @ssackers

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