A quality to help your team thrive

By Carole Burman, MAD-HR.
In an age where we often talk about businesses needing values and vision, there’s an additional ingredient which ensures a leader truly brings their employees along for the journey - tenacity.
Published in UK Director Magazines Summer 2024

Human Resources: Carole Burman, MAD-HR

Arsene Wenger knows a thing or two about leadership. He knows about making teams work, about cultivating a fighting spirit for, quite literally, a shared goal.

So perhaps – and you don’t have to be a football fan to be with me on this – we should pay more attention to one of his best quotes of all time: “Maintain that motivation to go from A to B and to keep your focus on that target without any weakening. That is called tenacity; stamina in your motivation.”

The X Factor

For me, tenacity is such an under-rated trait. It’s a quality which, when in evidence, means an individual, or indeed a team, can absolutely thrive against any history or backdrop.

Consider any business which has gone on to be a game-changer or to defy the odds, and you won’t necessarily find that the timing, customer-base, product idea, or state of the economy, were working in favour of that brand. More likely, what you’ll see is that the firm’s leader was tenacious of spirit, true to the roadmap, and committed to enduring against the odds – not waiting for ‘Lady Luck’ to fall their way.

Take it one step further, and you’ll see that leader has been keen to cultivate a culture of tenacity among their team.

So, how do you craft that success, and why does it matter now, in 2024?

For starters, it matters more than ever in a time of rapid progress, inevitable change, and increasing uncertainty around political and economic prospects. The business landscape is being greatly impacted by accelerating technology and supply chain frailties, while individuals are reflective of a post-pandemic period where ‘anything could happen’. They desire a workplace with great values, along with great long-term prospects and stability too.

Embed tenacity at your core (as an individual, and for your brand), and success will always be more likely.

Foster tenacity TODAY

  • Be intentional in how you set and communicate your strategy as a leader and keep tying all that you do back to your core vision. It will help you ride through setbacks.
  • Encourage learning, for yourself and others, especially when it comes to the things which didn’t go so well.
  • Communicate tenacious success within your business. Reward, praise, and let others understand what resulted from that spirit.
  • Identify where individuals struggle and seem less resilient and equipped to handle disappointment. Could training help?
  • Consider a thorough HR audit with external support, to help you understand how resilient your business is and to enable you as the leader to find your ‘tenacious self’.

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Carole Burman is Founder and Managing Director at MAD-HR. The award-winning HR Consultancy which has offices throughout East Anglia.

T: Ipswich – 01473 360160 / Norwich – 01603 791256 / Chelmsford – 01245 410201
E: hello@mad-hr.co.uk
Or visit www.mad-hr.co.uk

Photo of Carole taken by Big Fish Photography.

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