Be kind for 30 days in 30 ways

By Lauren Yaxley, LY Copywriting

It’s been a tough time for charities of all sizes. Norfolk is home to lots of small charities and causes that make a big difference to the people they support.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Winter 2021|22
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So, here at LY Copywriting, we set ourselves a challenge to help raise the profile of 30 different local projects, places and people throughout September 2021 with our ‘Be Kind for 30 Days in 30 Ways’ campaign.

Choosing causes close to home

Our chosen charities and good causes were specifically selected from those that don’t have the budget for prime-time TV ads or even a spot in the local papers. Social media is a powerful tool, so we wanted to use our expertise in creating content to help spread the word and raise the profile of all these important causes.

We spent September out and about delivering over 1,000 tea bags to the community fridge at The Feed, sending board games to the intergenerational charity, Friend in Deed, acrylic paints to The Matthew Project to help with their art sessions, hay bales to feed the drove of donkeys at Miniature Donkeys for Wellbeing and much more!

We chose causes that supported the young, old, men, women, the bereaved, those experiencing food or period poverty and lots of furry friends too! You can find a full list of the causes that benefited from our campaign at

Support from local businesses

Norfolk has a vibrant creative community, but it’s also a kind one too. We were delighted to receive over £600 in donations from Norfolk-based businesses who included: The Norwich School of Hair & Beauty, Marett’s Chariots, Pink Spaghetti PA Services, North Norfolk Physiotherapy, Plandescil Ltd, Jamieson Property Search and Snoop. We also called upon our colleagues in the creative space too, and welcomed donations from Common-Sense Marketing, Bubble Studios, Quickfire Digital and East Coast Design Studio.

We had some wonderful responses from the people we supported through our campaign, and everyone was grateful for the gifts and donations.

The main goal of our campaign was to raise awareness of the amazing work local charities, causes and social enterprises do. Our LinkedIn posts alone resulted in a 700% increase in shares, which meant more and more people were able to read about our collection of causes, who they support, and how.

Kindness continued

It was so rewarding to see how well received our campaign was by the causes and sponsors alike that we’re already planning another campaign for spring 2022.

As when it comes to kindness, even a little goes a long way!

If you want to support some inspirational local people, places, or projects in Norfolk, but don’t have the time to run your own social media campaign, then please get in touch with Lauren at  

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