Getting the perfect work / life balance

By Jane Cattermole, Bay Tree VA

Author Simon Sinek suggests that “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Winter 2021|22

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The quote above really resonates with the Bay Tree team. As Virtual Assistants  / VAs, our job is to take the stress away from business owners and entrepreneurs and for me, doing that successfully is my passion.

That’s not to say we never experience stress; things can get pretty hectic for even the most capable and experienced VA. Our passion stems from seeing the difference we make and the working relationships we build in the process. As a business owner, I try to live by the same principles that we encourage our clients and VAs to aim for. That is to have control over the work/life balance, but with the flexibility to adapt and change to demands.  I am delighted when a client tells me they are off to play a game of golf or are picking their children up from school for the first time in, well sometimes years.

Another reason why our virtual assistants As are passionate about what they do is that it is a choice, a transition away from the rigid 9-5 which allows them to work efficiently from home, with a varied workload.

Being true to what you believe in and want for your business creates a positive mindset which inevitably filters through your team. We choose VAs to join us who share our passion and have the capability to deliver our values, so much so that they now help in the running of Bay Tree – a shared passion indeed.

Jane Cattermole is Founder and MD of Bay Tree VA.
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