Change? Not just for the sake of it!

By Stuart Robertson, The Doctor Golf Academy

Although there is nothing more certain than change, it can sometimes be a double edged sword!

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Spring | Summer 2023

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Whether it is technology, an office move, a new computer keyboard, a place of work, or new suppliers and clients, it may take some time for the brain to adjust to the changes – especially as we get older. Yet, with patience and practice it becomes easier and quicker to get to where we want to be.

A situation faced by many, and which often happens when there is a change in ownership or senior management, is the changing of procedures and processes for change’s sake. This often happens when time has not been taken to simply observe what is already working well and what isn’t, before any major changes are introduced.

It is also good practice to ensure all changes are in line with your brand and core values. Diversification for instance, is a good example of positive change, whilst knee jerk changes without looking at the bigger picture, is not.

Don’t fear change

A lot of us fear change because we are comfortable with our daily routines and know what is expected of us and what we are capable of delivering. Others embrace change because it makes their job more exciting and stretches them confidence-wise. Change is also very good for highlighting shortfalls and poor performance, as it makes accountability more transparent, whether on a personal or company basis.

Certain industries are more geared towards change. For example, a marketing company may have to think outside of the box, to help their clients get a message across on a crowded platform, whereas an accountancy firm will have to work towards certain year-end deadlines and will have universal, set legal processes, to consistently follow.

Some of the processes within farming have changed greatly over the years due to the introduction of larger and autonomous vehicles to help harvest crops, fruit and vegetables. Yet farmers will still plant certain crops at similar times of the year when the weather helps to produce the best results and greatest yield.

Golf Technology

Within my chosen field of golf, the advent of YouTube, video and launch monitor technology has really enhanced the detail of what happens in the golf swing. All of this, combined with data on where and how the ball has travelled, detailed information on spin rates, launch angles, weight transfer, centre of strike and ground forces, gives a greater knowledge of what has just happened. However, the fundamentals to the golf swing hasn’t greatly changed in the last 150 years – it is still a combination of two turns of the body and a swish of a golf club through the impact area where the ball is.

Change can be a good thing provided it is not just for the sake of it. It keeps us moving forward and expands our comfort zones. If your business is not moving forward, it is either stagnant or moving backwards. So however scary change is for some of us, it is important to continue looking at the new opportunities it will also bring.

Change? Not just for the sake of it! 1

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