Chicane Connect to support fledgling businesses in Suffolk

Chicane Connect, the Broadband and VoIP provider, based at Great Blakenham in Suffolk has today announced that they will be providing professional and telephone support to Dream Hatcher, the new incubation programme that will support new and fledgling businesses in Suffolk
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Recognising that supporting fledgling businesses is now more important than ever, Chicane Connect will provide the new offices with Broadband connections and hosted VoIP telephones.  Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP phone handsets are not tied to a particular location, meaning as long as you have a working internet connection, you can quickly work from home, should the need arise. 
Dream Hatcher, sponsored by JMS Group, will officially launch in the New Year and will provide entrepreneurs with workspace, community and facilities free for six months while they find their feet in the business world.
Robert Kemp Managing Director of Chicane Connect, said ahead of the partnership; “This partnership seeks to help open opportunities to local entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas looking to grow and scale. We hope this new programme will contribute to the economic growth of the Eastern region through employment opportunities and encouraging innovation.  We are proud to be part of this exciting adventure.”
Daniel Staines, Managing Director of JMS Group said “We are delighted that Chicane Connect has joined the Dream Hatcher family as our telephone business partner.  It is critical that new tenants of Dream Hatcher receive business support and expertise from established local businesses, we know that innovation can’t be forced, but with Chicane Connect we will be optimising the conditions and providing the infrastructure to allow it to prosper.”

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Shaping the future of your new business

Dream Hatcher – A powerful springboard for fledgling businesses.  Free office space, phones, broadband, meeting rooms, mentoring & more.

Opening in Great Blakenham, Suffolk, in January 2020.

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