By Emma DinmoreTrebuchet Creative
As a creative agency, we’re used to constant change, be it fast turnarounds, evolutions in technology or reacting to developments in clients’ markets. 

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Summer/Autumn 2020

Branding and Creative

Like everyone else, however, we didn’t expect to spend months working independently from home while trying to protect the business and provide the same standards of service. We are fortunate that technology and the nature of our industry has allowed us to be well placed to adapt to these challenges, but it’s been a time of essential self-examination for all businesses. 


Now more than ever it’s important to take stock from a brand and creative perspective and assess where you are so you’re best placed to navigate the economically turbulent times that almost certainly lie ahead. However, in times of stress, this can be a daunting process.  

Here’s our quick guide to things to consider before developing and refining your brand: 

1. Know what you want to say: 

Whether your business has been adversely affected or it’s created an upturn in demand, identify where your opportunities lie and ensure you have consistent, focused messaging. These clear objectives will help you reach new customers and build loyalty with your existing client base. Working with a creative agency will bring a fresh perspective, shining a light on current collateral and establishing persuasive and innovative ways to engage with audiences. 

2. Love your brand

So much more than just your logo, your brand should be at the heart of everything you do. A brand which is in tune with your goals and ambitions, and which will propel you forward rather than holding you back, is an invaluable asset. And remember, your verbal identity is equally as important as your visual identity: a distinctive tone of voice will build customer recognition and elevate their perception of you. 

3. Creative impact: 

As we move into uncharted territory and competition heightens, maximising your creative impact will be critical in getting your brand noticed and your voice heard above the squall. Whether it’s a brand evolution or revolution, streamlining your website or refocusing your advertising, now’s the time to evaluate, reinvigorate and ensure your creative works seamlessly across all media. Stay agile and open to opportunities and even small changes can go a long way to reposition your company and instil recognition and confidence. 

4. Make your budget work harder: 

Great design can be enormously influential in the success of a business – brand perception, loyalty and familiarity are all affected by it. And these effects run so much deeper than just the bottom line. Intelligent creative is an investment and should have its foundations deeply rooted in your business objectives. Maintaining its focus will help ensure your budget works as hard for you as possible. 

Out of uncertainty comes creativity

What lies ahead is uncertain, but times of great change and hardship are fertile grounds for creativity to flourish. Whether it’s finding new and imaginative ways of engaging with your customers through creative campaigns or maximising the impact of your website, clarity of vision, expertise and creativity will help you shape your vision of the future. 


Emma Dinmore is a Director at Trebuchet Creative. For more information: E: T: 01473 213000 or visit Facebook: TrebuchetUKTwitter: @TrebuchetUK

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