Helping others helps yourself

By Olly Magnus, Magnus Group

We’re all in business to succeed, of that there is no doubt. But what does success look like? Is it just about building profit, cash in the business that we can then take out as dividends?

Published in Suffolk Director magazine, Spring | Summer 2022
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Helping others helps yourself

For me, Magnus Group needs to be profitable, but I place our people’s progress and wellbeing as another critical measurement of achievement.

Company culture comes from the top, and I firmly believe in nurturing the Magnus Group team, giving them the freedom and drive to succeed, and being willing to reward them when they do. It’s no secret that I have forfeited some of my own financial rewards so that I can pass it to them.

I’m not looking for a pat on the back for doing so. On the contrary, helping others is an integral part of humanity. It does not have to be some headline-grabbing gesture; it can be small things you do every day. Thanks to your help and support, seeing others develop and grow rewards you more than money can do. How? In good, old-fashioned karma.

While everyone can support others, it’s especially important for us, as business leaders, to do so. We should give up our time freely, plus be generous with company personal development plans, packages and profits.

If we do this, we ultimately help ourselves. You see, supported staff are happier, loyal, and give back more. The business benefits, and because of that, so do we.

Supporting the Local Community

There is a third measure of success, running alongside profit and our people: our support in the local community.

Whether you run a dog-walking business or a multi-million-pound logistics company like Magnus Group, you are part of your community and can do so much to support it. We get involved in many sponsorship and community initiatives, not because it’s simply a branding exercise, crossing off an item on the marketing to-do list, but because our time and money can make a significant difference to others.

We recently agreed to become a major sponsor for all the Suffolk cricket team age groups. This year, we also offered free warehousing and logistics support for The Big Hoot art trail in Ipswich.

Our most high-profile sponsorship is a corporate one – securing the naming rights to the main Ipswich Town stand at Portman Road. But this commitment led to the club asking me to become a trustee and board member of the Ipswich Town Community Trust.

It’s rare that I’m lost for words, but this honour left me speechless. Helping those less fortunate than ourselves and doing so under the umbrella of the football club I love is, to me at least, a true altruistic endeavour. I’m pleased to give up my time for the benefit of others, people who don’t work for me or even know me.

You won’t find this Community Trust role adding to Magnus Group’s bottom line, but as I wrote at the start of this article, I don’t count business success in purely monetary terms. If we improve people’s wellbeing and circumstances, that’s a result of which we can all be proud.

Helping others helps yourself 1

Olly Magnus is CEO of Magnus Group
T: 01473 836600 or visit
Twitter: @TheMagnusGroup

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