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By Kevin Thomas, Rickard Luckin.

Rickard Luckin is a member of MGI Worldwide - a perfect example of the power of collaboration on a global scale.

Published in UK Director Magazines Spring 24

Kevin Thomas, Rickard Luckin

Rickard Luckin will be well-known to many as an Essex-based tax and accountancy firm deeply rooted in the local community. Fewer people may be aware of our membership of MGI Worldwide.

Through this international network, we’re able to support businesses that wish to trade overseas or expand globally, as well as advising people who need specific international assistance.

What is Mgi Worldwide?

MGI Worldwide is a Top 20 international accounting network that unites nearly 9,000 professionals across 400 locations worldwide. Our membership allows us to offer clients a broader, more sophisticated set of services and a global perspective.

On-The-Ground and on Your Side

One of the major benefits of collaborating with a global network is the ability to access immediate, first-hand assistance from an English-speaking local professional ‘on the ground’. For us, this is an accountant or tax adviser who we know has met the required quality and assurance standards of the network.

Having direct access to experts across the world has obvious advantages. International trade can be complex and easy to get wrong – VAT is a particularly thorny issue. Self-supply, options to tax and reverse charge provisions are good examples of areas where mistakes are easily made and costly to put right.

Global Resources

Being the client of a firm that belongs to an international accounting network can therefore be a game-changer for businesses involved in cross-border transactions or facing diverse tax regulations. Local insights are crucial when navigating complex international tax laws, regulatory frameworks and cultural nuances. The network’s resources and collaborative approach ensure that businesses can stay compliant, optimise their tax strategies and mitigate risks effectively. It’s like having a well-connected guidebook for the intricate maze of international finance.

It’s not just businesses that benefit though, it’s equally important to people who have overseas interests or want to retire to ‘a place in the sun’. The assumption that the tax and financial systems in another country mirror those back home is a common misconception that can lead to costly oversights.

Building Bridges Through Conferences

As well as having access to experts across the globe, conferences – such as those held by MGI in Prague, Copenhagen and Bangkok – are crucial for firms to share ideas and build relationships with international experts. The collaborative environment serves as a platform for establishing and strengthening relationships while facilitating the sharing of best practices and emerging trends.

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Get in Touch

Kevin Thomas is SBT Director at Rickard Luckin. If you would like to discuss your international tax and accountancy needs – business or personal – our team would be very happy to help.

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