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By Adam Barnes, Platform Ticket
These days many businesses and professionals are reconsidering the impact of their online presence. It’s not just about having a good-looking website; it’s about creating an online personality that invites prospective customers to interact with you.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Autumn/Winter 2020

However, before that happens prospective customers need to find you, and when they do you need to keep their attention. So, if you are considering revamping your website or rebranding your business, my advice would be to take a holistic approach.

Here are my thoughts on the most important points to consider:


First impressions count so apply these three rules: Is it distinctive? Is it relevant? Is it memorable?


Keep it simple and remember less is more. You want to entice people to contact you for further information on your specific services. Make sure that your website is user-friendly and that the user’s journey takes them onto a positive course of action – by calling you.


It is always worth investing in good graphics and photographs to make a great impression. Consider a more informal approach to your staff photographs, as face-to-face meetings are now more infrequent, and you need a way of putting a personality to a name.

Written content:

This pulls together all the other elements and where you set your brand’s tone of voice. It is essential to think about who you want as a customer and pitch your written message accordingly, so it resonates with them.


Work hard to make sure your website is found on online searches. SEO is an ongoing process so think of it like nurturing plants in the garden. If you put in regular effort, you will get rewarding results.


This is a big part of the service I provide and am so often asked how to improve their rankings. SEO used to be a relatively simple procedure, but these days things are far more complicated.

My top tips for improving SEO include:

Discover your business’ keywords:

SEO consultants use systems to find keywords that are optimised to your business ensuring customers are able to find you when they make a Google search. There are some great, and free, keyword research tools online.

Discover the high value keywords that searchers want:

On any webpage Google prioritises the first 100 words. Pay close attention to your written content and avoid over-using generic words as everyone else uses them. You want to be found.

User experience:

It is important to facilitate optimised user experience. Ensure that your content is straightforward enough for people to read and digest. Your content should create a route that leads to the desired call to action and will make people want to stay on your website.

On-page SEO:

Don’t have great swathes of content, instead break it into sections that are easily absorbed. Eye-catching headings will capture the imagination of the skim reader.

Making an impact online 1

Adam Barnes is a branding and online marketing consultant with over 25 years of experience. If you want to know more about how SEO can improve your digital profile then get in touch at T: 07725 970028 E: or visit

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