Making digital marketing work in logistics

By Olly Magnus, Magnus Group
You might think that logistics is an old-school business. Certainly, transport, warehousing and freight forwarding companies have hardly been at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Winter 2023

Logistics: Magnus Group

But here at Magnus Group, we like to do things differently. We’ve embraced digital marketing technology, carving out something of a fun and engaging brand for ourselves as a result.

When I took over the business three and a half years ago, it was certainly old school.

We underwent a brand refresh, including a new website, invested in building a senior team, updated our fleet and increased our warehouse capacity. But you won’t benefit from that investment much without telling people what you have done and why.

We didn’t want to advertise in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, we chose to use our digital channels to amplify what we were doing, including our work within the community, such as sponsoring Suffolk cricket, local British heavyweight champion Fabio Wardley, the main stand at Ipswich Town Football Club, and getting involved in charity projects like the Big Hoot art trail in Ipswich.

Company news is published on our website news section. I’ve always said that people buy from people, so this is an ideal way to present the human face of our business.

Social media makes us stand out

But it’s social media that continues to stand us out from most other logistics businesses.

Many of you may follow my own posts on LinkedIn. I have built a substantial audience on there and get lots of traction. The downside is that some people don’t like me wearing my heart on my sleeve – but I am open and honest on the platform, a rarity for business leaders on social media!

Yet our social company pages are doing very well, too. We use a local marketing agency to run these pages. They totally get how I want my business portrayed and have built up an engaged community on the company’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But how much business, if any, does this bring to Magnus Group, I hear you ask? It’s difficult to quantify, but I know from conversations with clients and prospects, that they have got to know us better via my and the company’s social accounts. There’s also the benefit of socials helping to embed us further in the local community. Our staff like to see this, and it also helps us attract new people when we need to recruit.

Digital marketing tech is a big win for us, and I expect more companies like ours to follow once they realise the benefits, especially when weighed up against the costs.

New cartoon characters

Before Christmas, we took digital to a new level when we released a special cartoon video featuring Magnus the lorry and some other characters to show off our company values. Like many things I have done, this was something of a gamble, but I went with my gut instinct – and it worked.

It was a radical project for a logistics company and, hopefully, shows we are a modern business with a mission. Watch this space to see how things develop!

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