Moving to a high-performance culture

By Sam Greenhalgh, Birketts LLP
Creating the right culture is crucial to the success of any organisation that considers its staff as its most important asset. Yet, what is ‘culture’ and how can you create the right culture for your organisation?

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Spring 2021

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Culture is often hard to describe and express and even harder to achieve. When you finally manage to define it and start fostering it, you then quickly recognise that it is extremely fragile.

As employment lawyers, we see clients from all sectors and walks of life trying to create and cultivate the right culture. More and more time is being spent by businesses and organisations, recruiting individuals that will be the right culture fit and dealing with instances where staff behaviour is not indicative of the culture they wish to promote.

Investing in staff is a powerful tool

What we have found is that investing in staff, and demonstrating that this investment is being made, is a powerful tool for creating the right culture. This can be done through training and developing those within an organisation that have the power to influence and who are seen as the leaders and managers of today and tomorrow. Equipping leaders and managers with knowledge and skills to shape how their team operates helps the team highly perform and overall contribute to the success of your organisation.

Because of this, Birketts run a wide variety of training courses aimed at leaders and managers. With the aim of coaching them in adopting and utilising behaviours that will contribute towards the right culture, the courses also ensure that these behaviours also operate within the confines of employment law and best people management practice.

Training Courses for Business Leaders and Managers

One of our courses is ‘Moving to a High-Performance Culture’. This full day module gives leaders and managers, who have employees whose performance and/or conduct is unsatisfactory, practical knowledge and skills to address these issues. Within the course, we cover how best to tackle those difficult conversations and how to spot the potential high risk ‘bear traps’ that can crop up. We also look at how to manage workplace disputes, disciplinary and grievance issues and how best to nip these in the bud early on, to avoid having to tackle a bigger problem later that can often take time and prove expensive.

Whilst the training covers what the law says and how a tribunal would judge an employer on managing an employee process, it is delivered in a way that is fun, interactive and interesting with breakout sessions and workshops, case studies and the opportunity for delegates to discuss, confidentially, their own experiences of tackling these issues.

The aim of the course is to increase knowledge to manage employees fairly. Delivering the course in-house enables it to be tailored to match your own ethos, vision and culture so that best practice can be carried out “your way”.

This can help an organisation to build and foster a culture of investing in their leaders and managers.

For more information about our Moving to a High-Performance Culture or any of our other courses please visit or contact Sam Greenhalgh, Senior Associate at Birketts.  T: 01603 756 467 / 07759245212

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