Nurturing is second nature

By Carissa Wyatt, Conatus

How much do we think about our relationships in business?

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Winter 2023|24

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How much do we think about our relationships in business?

Whether with our colleagues, clients, or business contacts, we may do actions that are right, such as using a database system or reacting to a birthday that pops up on social media to post a happy birthday message.  However, what does that really mean to us as individuals?  Does it show genuine interest, or does such a post get lost in the myriad of other people posting similar messages? 

Working with so many different types of businesses, we have been privileged to see and experience a variety of relationship management.  Some of our clients and contacts are potentially world-class at developing and nurturing relationships that are beyond solid.  Those relationships are defined by an immense amount of trust and faith and ultimately, mutual respect. 

Effort = reward

With a relationship like that, the above example rarely occurs as you’re more likely to find the different parties sending personal and meaningful messages directly, as opposed to a random post.  Over time there has been genuine effort put into the relationship and with that comes knowledge, and an understanding, of what makes someone tick.  It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s an investment in time and energy and sometimes patience.

Like all investments, there may be ups and downs too, but if you stick at it and prove your own resilience when required, it does pay dividends.

Those rewards could be overlapping. You put time and resource into nurturing a client relationship, only to have it all fall over due to issues with the product or service delivery because you have failed to apply the same effort and logic to nurturing and developing your team or supplier relationships.

You need to apply the same philosophy across all areas of your business and life, and live and breathe that approach. 

Tough love

It can be tough though taking this approach, as it does involve an emotional investment as well as the time and organisation mentioned above.  Staff may leave, you may lose opportunities to competitors, and you may have to move on from certain parties and accept the relationship will never be a world-class one, but the chances are, that’s actually fine. 

Over time, with the effort you’ve put into nurturing and developing your relationships with those who deserve perseverance, it will result in relationships that are incredibly strong and can last the test of time.  You gain true loyalty, understanding and respect.

In short, the investment pays off and your work environment is likely to be far more pleasant and enjoyable as you’re surrounded by colleagues, clients, suppliers, and partners who all know and understand each other and will pull together in good times and bad.  Invest, Nurture, and have fun doing what you do.

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