Printer donates personal protection equipment to charity

Print and POS specialist BDH Tullford donated several clear, pull-up partitions to Norfolk-based charity Equal Lives this September, helping to keep their teams safe as they return to the office.
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Having diversified during the coronavirus crisis, BDH Tullford initially began producing PPE components, face shields and partition screens to support the NHS. The opportunity to convert pull-up banners into portable partition screens using clear plastic was a natural development. Not only can they be wiped down with antibacterial spray but they can easily be moved around, allowing individuals and organisations flexibility in the workplace.

Having produced several pull-up screen prototypes, the company saw an opportunity to give back to the local community, donating a batch to a local charity as its employees began returning to the office.

The chosen charity, Equal Lives, is based in Framingham Pigot in Norfolk. It is dedicated to empowering disabled individuals so they can live independent lives. Its team of employees and volunteers works closely with local people, helping them to understand their rights and access the support they need – all while campaigning for equal opportunities.

Says Kimberly Myhill, Equal Lives’ Senior Business Development Manager: “Buying PPE and screens diverts vital resources away from the charity’s work.

“Receiving a donation like this not only allows us to save money but helps us to keep our colleagues and clients safe as we return to the office, allowing us to increased levels of assistance during a particularly stressful time.”

Comments David Hutchins, Director at BDH Tullford: “We’re delighted to provide support to a local charity with these screens. They’re easy to use, simple to set up and incredibly versatile.

“Equal Lives provides invaluable services within East Anglia and we’re delighted that we can help them continue to provide those services in a safe and secure manner.”

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