Quickfire session with Jamie Waller

Director, Ensors Chartered Accountants.
With nearly 15 years experience, Jamie joined Ensors to launch the company’s new Norfolk office.
Published in UK Director Magazines Summer 2024

About Jamie

I am a Norwich native and have worked in the local audit and accountancy profession for nearly 15 years. I joined Ensors to establish their new office in the area, having previously worked at two of the top five global accountancy firms.

The Norwich office is the latest chapter in the Ensors growth journey, adding to the existing network of offices and staff already in place across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. This exciting move brings the company’s 130 years of accountancy expertise to Norfolk, along with career opportunities for accountancy professionals and students alike.

We asked Jamie some questions about running a business…


What are the main challenges facing SMEs at the moment?

Volatility. Businesses in this region have proven time and time again that they are adaptable, but the current rate of change, and uncertainty around inflation, interest rates, and the job market, create a constant battle for them as they try to amend their strategy.

What is your advice on retaining employees?

Treat employees as more than just a number. I’ve always tried to consider an employee’s individual strengths and potential for development, shaping the role to fit their skillset. The pub lunches and office pizza days help too!

How do you maintain and enhance margins?

We agree fixed fees for compliance work, so after commencing a project I can only influence the cost side of the equation. My focus is to think outside the box, as a blanket approach to audit procedures and detailed testing, will rarely be the most efficient and effective strategy.

How can you put your prices up and keep your customers?

Transparency. No customer wants a price increase, but by being completely open and honest about the factors I have considered when increasing a fee – such as inflation, changes in auditing and accounting standards, or changes in the scope of our work – they will often understand and find it reasonable. 

How do you protect your reputation and enhance it?

I’ve always recognised that your own, or your firm’s reputation, isn’t something you can simply go out and acquire. It is something that is organically built up over time by always doing the right thing at the right time and treating people fairly.

How do you network to your advantage?

Listen to people. I don’t enjoy talking about myself, but I do enjoy asking questions and learning about someone or their business. If there is a way in which I can help that person after meeting them, that’s great. If not, then I’ve more than likely learned something.

How do you shut off from the business and manage the work/life balance more effectively?

My wife would say I don’t! But I truthfully find it more relaxing if I’m not completely detached when I’m away from the office. However, I do have one rule: anything work-related will stop at least an hour before I go to bed. That time is important to change my focus and to stop me from waking up in the middle of the night to figure out a particular accounting treatment.

How can you cut overheads and outgoings without negatively impacting your business?

Cutting costs implies that you’re also cutting the end product or service. I prefer to think: is there an alternative process to achieve the same result? That could come from embracing technology, better understanding staff skillsets, or improving processes – all without reducing the quality of the output.

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