Quickfire with Juliet Price

Managing Director, Park City Consulting
From developing my business plan for Park City, in Park City Utah, to now leading a successful growing business 25 years later, I am as energised and positive about the future as I was back in Utah in 1997 .

Published in Essex Director Magazine Winter 2023

About Juliet

Along the way I gained many business and personal awards, not least becoming the first female Chair of Essex IoD, and winning IoD East of England business woman of the year.

I love my work; I love the people in our business and the clients we serve. After 25 years of steering Park City from a fledgling start-up, through the major credit crash in 2007/8 and more recently Covid, I’m still ambitious for continued growth and success. Not just for us as a business, but for our loyal and committed team, our clients, and our strategic suppliers that have grown with us over the 25 years. In my free time I enjoy clay shooting and I’m quite competitive! I also enjoy cooking for friends and family, we had a house full over Christmas.

We spent five minutes with Juliet and asked her some questions about running Park City Consulting.


What recruitment challenges are Essex businesses currently facing?

Although unemployment rates have remained low since the pandemic, vacancies are high because half a million people have left the workplace. This means there are real recruitment issues, which are compounded by the rising salary rates, linked in part to rising interest rates. However, to attract talent some perhaps unsustainable salaries are now being offered, but I do believe in time this will stabilise.

What are you doing to engage and motivate employees and keep them?

It’s all about culture and looking after our people! We continue to invest in developing the individuals in our team. That includes developing our leadership skills so we are able to attract and retain the best people. Culture is all important for us, as is building trust and relationships and we carry out regular staff surveys to gain feedback on how we can improve. A lot of the services we offer clients we use ourselves. We continue to develop our ‘employer brand’ and offer hybrid working where applicable. We have also improved our flexible benefits package and organised more social and team building events; even splashing out on our Staff Christmas Dinner at the Talbooth in Dedham. 

How do you protect your reputation and enhance it?

It’s all about trust. We build relationships with our clients and suppliers and deliver on our promises. For us it’s about exceeding expectations and seeking to add value. We are flexible and agile and where we can be confident that a change will deliver a benefit to our clients, we are happy to diversify services. An example of this would be that we gained accreditation as a CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Centre, delivering CMI Diplomas with 100% pass rate; CMI is the only globally recognised management qualification, so we are very proud of that.  

How do you network to your advantage?

I have always been a networker! I was a founder member of the first BNI chapter in Essex, and for many years, I was the only woman at IoD breakfast meetings. For me, networking is about meeting and connecting people, and building relationships with them to support them; business often flows from that. 

For more information on Park City, visit www.parkcity.co.uk 

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