Trade Minister hails Suffolk export success

International Trade Minister Mark Garnier visited Suffolk businesses today to learn about their export success stories and ambitions for the future. 

During his visit to Ipswich Haven Marina, the minister from the Department for International Trade met with Sprit Yachts CEO Sean McMillan and saw first-hand the craftsmanship and British engineering that helps to create their world-class yachts.  

The company, which has been operating for more than 20 years with two-thirds of sales heading to overseas markets such as Germany, France, Norway and the USA. This includes the iconic 54’ yacht on which Daniel Craig sails into Venice in the Bond film Casino Royale. As well as the Spirit 111’, the largest single-masted wooden yacht since the 1930’s, which is currently in build at Spirit Yacht’s Ipswich headquarters and is due for launch in summer 2019. The landmark superyacht has been designed at the request of an overseas buyer and existing Spirit Yacht owner, and will be one of the most environmentally friendly superyachts ever created. 

Minister for Investment, Mark Garnier, said:

“What I saw today in Suffolk was the real ambition of business and the Chamber of Commerce to accelerate local growth through exports.

We know British-made products are highly valued around the world. There are a wealth of opportunities out there and as a global economic department we are determined to help businesses like Spirit Yachts and Muntons make their mark on the world stage.”  

Spirit Yachts CEO, Sean McMillan, said:

“We were pleased to welcome Mark to our boatyard and show him the world-class standard of craftsmanship and talent here in Suffolk. Our classic modern yachts have a timeless appeal and make their mark on the global market, with the Spirit 111’ being a perfect example of our ability to attract international clients on a regular basis.” 





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