A sporting and leisure legacy that continues to evolve

By Peter Osborne, Stoke by Nayland Resort

The Stoke by Nayland Resort celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, making it a timely example of how foresight and innovation can leave a legacy for generations.
Published in Essex Director magazine, Summer|Autumn 2022

Leisure & Hospitality: Stoke by Nayland Resort

In 1972, Bill and Devora Peake’s entrepreneurial spirit led them to create a beautiful golf course on their undulating farmland. There were few local golf courses at the time, and the idea was an excellent way to diversify from their Copella fruit juice enterprise.

Initially, there was a single course at the new Stoke by Nayland Golf Club, but things have moved on significantly over the years. There are now two mature championship golf courses, and the club has transformed into a beautiful, relaxing resort, with an 80-bedroom hotel, five contemporary eco-lodges, function rooms, a Spa, Technogym and impressive restaurants.

The Peakes’ legacy is not celebrated just in the landscape, which has become part of the Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s still a family-owned business owned by second and third generations.

You will read a lot in this issue of Essex director about leaving a family legacy in business. Stoke by Nayland Resort, part of the Boxford Group, is a testament to that. But we also look forward to the legacy the company intends to pass on to others.

Legacy for future generations

It may well be that the business stays in the family for many years. But the idea of legacy now includes the sphere of sustainability, a legacy for all, not just the business’ owners.

With that in mind, The Resort does all it can to be self-sufficient and reduce its carbon footprint. As well as the five eco-lodges that, incidentally, make perfect accommodation for any company looking to send staff on an out-of-office experience, our green energy sources generate all our power. We also have three lakes from which we can irrigate the courses. We’re pleased to note that we have won several green awards for our environmental sustainability initiatives.

Our Group Managing Director is Susanna Rendall, the daughter of Bill and Devora Peake. She is quite rightly proud of what has been achieved over the past 50 years. “My parents actually had a 50-year plan,” she says. “But when they started on their journey to create one of the premier golf clubs in East Anglia, I’m sure they didn’t imagine it would become the Resort that it is today.”

Importantly, the business cares for all staff and visitors, treating them as part of the family. It intends to continue growing the right way, ensuring owners, employees, visitors, and local wildlife will benefit for generations to come.

There are plenty of special events lined up to celebrate the 50th anniversary. If you should like to find out more about the story behind Stoke by Nayland Golf Club and its legacy, there is a special page dedicated to the anniversary on the website at stokebynayland.com.

A sporting and leisure legacy that continues to evolve 1

Peter Osborne is the Group Commercial Director for the Boxford Group, which owns the Stoke by Nayland Resort. For booking information, please contact us using the following details.

T: 01206 262836
E: sales@stokebynayland.com
Or visit stokebynayland.com

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