Helping directors adapt to changing times

By Christine Bhatt, Systematics International
Change is a constant in business
The Covid-19 pandemic was a catalyst for transforming organisations, profoundly changing how we live and work. This, combined with directors facing changes that are driven by digital transformation, rising costs and the push towards Net Zero, means that standing still is no longer an option.
Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Spring | Summer 2023

IoD East : Systematics International

The most agile directors can gain competitive advantage by implementing changes before they are forced to. Skilful planning is key, but the best directors also create a culture of innovation within their organisations that makes change easier to implement.

I am an IoD member and Chief Executive of Essex-based Systematics International, a data processing company that collects, aggregates and delivers market information on the use of agricultural equipment, mobile cranes and trucks. This data is used by customers to benchmark and grow their businesses.

Digital transformation

I have managed a period of digital transformation within my business and increased use of data analytics, machine learning and AI has enabled Systematics International to be more productive and agile. With fully remote access to company servers, our staff now benefit from hybrid working and the company has seen increased productivity levels.

Digital transformation has been phenomenal for us. Our people are our biggest strength, so we have included the entire team in our plans right from the outset. We have an open culture and have empowered them to work in a more agile way.

It is important that we spread IT knowledge around the business, as the pace of digital transformation is not going to slow. So, Systematics’ staff are now able to focus on adding value to the raw data, while its enhanced IT system manages data processing and validation.

Digital transformation is just one of many changes that IoD East members are facing. Access to skilled labour is a big issue for the technology industry, while Brexit has made it more challenging to attract the best talent from Europe. Other issues voiced by members include the rising cost of materials and gaining access to finance.

Things are changing so quickly that, as directors, we now must constantly review our business plans. This is why sharing knowledge and making new connections through the IoD is so important.


The IoD is a thriving membership community for directors in the East of England and across the UK. Members include CEOs of large corporations, as well as entrepreneurial directors of start-up companies.

Through its world-class professional development programme, its influence with government and its ability to forge connections between people, it is committed to supporting directors on their journey. IoD East also holds Mastermind sessions where directors discuss industry issues and brainstorm challenges facing their organisations.

Ultimately, the organisation wants to create the best conditions for companies to thrive. That is why it has always spoken out, without fear or favour, on behalf of its members, advancing the case for business in government, parliament, the media and other influential forums.

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Christine Bhatt is an IoD Member. If you would like to learn more or share your experiences, the IoD would be delighted to hear from you.

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