Hot off the press: sustainable printing

By Oli Smith, Wensum Print
The printing world has been buzzing with the launch of the Xerox Iridesse, which combines the latest digital technology with impressive eco-credentials – and Wensum Print is one of the first in the Eastern region to install one.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Spring | Summer 2023

Print: Wensum Print

Established in Norwich for over 40 years, we provide a comprehensive print service to businesses, from small, independent traders to global brands.

Thanks to the Iridesse, we can now provide new applications with gold, silver, white and clear print embellishments (at the same time as traditional colours) – without sacrificing environmental goals or high quality.

Adding this technology to our arsenal enables us to offer our customers myriad options – affordable print with limitless possibilities.

A changing world

Over the years, Wensum Print has continually adapted to its customer’s needs in a changing world. Eco-friendly print solutions are the right way forward.

To be truly sustainable, a product should meet the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. As such, a sustainable product or process avoids depleting natural resources.

At Wensum Print, sustainability is at the core of our decision making. Hence, our investment in Xerox’s flagship digital print platform.

We had to consider many things: How the press was made; the origin of materials; the policies of manufacturers and supply chains; power and resource consumption; consumables; and recycling options.

The Iridesse ticked all the right boxes, making it the stand-out choice for us, the environment and our customers.

Reducing energy and waste

Being able to print in six colours in a single pass (instead of the traditional four), means less energy consumption and higher quality results.

The Iridesse uses toner that contributes fewer carbon emissions than conventional ones, while Xerox’s recycling programme has already avoided 1.4 million tonnes of toners going to landfill.

Energy consumption is further reduced by Automated Intelligence (AI), engaging only components and resources needed for a particular job.

The equipment is built to be super-efficient with ink as well as power, while the internal parts have been designed to keep emissions well below regulatory requirements with end-of-life (EOL) recyclability in mind.

For example, recycled plastic is used where possible, and Xerox says more than 90 per cent of the weight of equipment within the press can eventually be recycled or reused.

The Iridesse runs many of the most environmentally responsible stocks – those from recycled sources or managed forests carrying FSC certifications.

Xerox itself works hard to improve its carbon footprint and environmental policies and has achieved multiple sustainability accolades, including the Terra Carta Seal from King Charles III.

Our supplier, First Copy, planted 115 trees in Tanzania through its Ecologi partnership when we installed the press. All of the paper we use at Wensum Print is from sustainable forests and we also recycle all of our waste.

It is this commitment to sustainability, coupled with our flexible, cost-effective service producing high-quality results, that has helped us stand the test of time.

We have evolved from a traditional print company into a ‘bolt-on’ to your marketing department, offering a talented in-house design team. From initial idea conception, to producing the printed element, through to distribution of the end product.

We love making print stand out and we love doing it the right way.

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Oli Smith is Manager at Wensum Print
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