2019 Spring/Summer | Norfolk Director Magazine Emily Groves, Founder, Indigo Swan “I am authentic, enthusiastic and inquisitive; all traits that help me to be a better person, both professionally and personally.”

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Cyber necessities for your business

By Claire Williams, Mills & Reeve LLP

Published in Norfolk Director business magazine 2019

We communicate electronically, advertise and sell online, and rely on a variety of software to keep things running smoothly. However, confidential trade information, customer data, financials and reputation are all subject to cyber-risk.

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Grabbing the Initiative

Grabbing the Initiative By Iain Hatfield, Chief Executive Officer, PolicyBee To have a chance of hitting the entrepreneurial sweet spot, first you’ve got to identify

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What to do if your Key Client goes Bust

Alongside the current COVID-19 crisis, daily news headlines are dominated with reports about the vulnerability of many businesses, including large, well-established brands.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Spring/Summer 2019

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